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Ever wonder what goes into shooting some of your favorite music videos? 

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Well, “Disparate Youth” singer Santigold breaks it down in Brooklyn on the set of her latest video “The Keepers.” 

Santigold released the official “The Keepers” video last week, but this week she’s here to explain herself. 

Filmed in the Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn, Santigold considers her video to be “dark comedy” and slightly “grotesque.” 

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On the set, Santigold and her “family” rock blonde wigs and vintage-inspired outfits. They all eat an interesting dinner of chicken with breasts (literally), whole fish with the eyes still attached, and funny green jello for dessert. 

“The Keepers” is off Santigold’s sophomore album Master Of My Make Believe.

Check out the behind the scenes video above!