Kim Kardashian is the perfect bitch, at least according to her boyfriend Kanye West

SNIPPET: Kanye West, Jay-Z, & Big Sean “Clique” 

Kanye West has been rapping about Kim Kardashian long before she became his girlfriend, and now he’s making entire songs about her entitled “Perfect Bitch.” 

Despite Kanye having the honors of being the first rapper Kim Kardashian officially dated, rappers have been ogling her lady lumps and beauty since her infamous sex tape hit the ‘net back in 2007. 

Houston rapper Lil Flip was one of the first rappers to dedicate a whole song to the reality TV starlet in 2009.

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Since then, other rappers have hopped on the Kim K. bandwagon, writing whole songs and verses to the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. 

GlobalGrind rounded up 10 rappers who name-dropped Kim Kardashian in their rhymes.

From legendary rappers like Nas and Eminem, to newcomers like Childish Gambino and Chris Webby, they all like to rap about Kim. 

Check out the rappers who love to name drop Kim Kardashian below!

Nas “Power Paper Pussy” 

“Hollywood Lohan parties people they facing them/Kim Kardashian, body with the waist slim/Know some hood girls who did time that could take them.” 

Big K.R.I.T. “Hometown Hero”

“Now the hoes is down for taking pictures cause you’re flashin’/You can’t even imagine, maybe Kim Kardashian/Number one song, get a Grammy, now I’m smashin” 

Childish Gambino “Let Me Dope You” 

“You wouldn’t think from the things I’m fashionin’/I’d get more bush than Kim Kardashian.” 

Young Money’s Lil Chuckee “Girl I Got You” 

“If we had a team, I’d be Reggie Bush/You’d be Kim Kardashian, your body so amazin” 

Eminem “We Made You”

“Damn, I think Kim Kardashian’s a man/She stomped him just cause he asked to put his hands/On her massive gluteus maximus again.” 

Royce Da 5’9 “Thing For Your Girlfriend” 

“Pass me your ex/I’m tryin to hit Kim Kardashian now, and then Cassie is next.” 

Soulja Boy “Kim Kardashian” 

“Kim Kardashian, Kim kardashian, Kim Kardashian/Oh my god Kim Kardashian” 

Lil Flip “Kim Kardashian” 

“Look here you act a fool and do the Kim Kardashian/ you know these chicks right here with me, so why you keep on askin em’,/smashing em and passing em, you know she got a body that should be in maximum.”

Meek Mill’s verse on B.o.B.’s “Epic” 

“And errbody say I’m hot but I’ve been hot from the beginning/I be with a bitch that looks like Kim Kardashian” 

Chris Webby “Mad Bars” 

“If I don’t make it on the mic I’ll make a sex tape/Me, Kim Kardashian, and Paris in a three way/Burn it right to disk and make a million off of Ebay.” 

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