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One of the most epic moments in hip-hop occurred yesterday when the POTUS, Barack Obama, talked about pop raptress Nicki Minaj and her multiple personalities on an Orlando radio show.

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Obama acknowledged Minaj’s line about voting for his presidential opponent Mitt Romney: “I’m a Republican voting for Mitt Romney. You lazy b—- are f—— the economy.”

When asked how he felt about the Minaj line, Obama said he wasn’t sure which one of Minaj’s multiple personalities actually recorded the verse, therefore he doesn’t take it seriously. In response, Minaj thanked Obama for understanding her sarcasm and lyrical playfulness on Twitter

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Since then, Minaj’s “Barbz” have been buzzing about the ordeal on Twitter. One fan went as far as to create a picture of the president walking around with the Queen Barbie in the White House:

And The Hollywood Gossip created a photo of Minaj and Obama rocking out on stage together, which you can see above. 

Barack Obama has stated that hip-hop is a genre both he and Michelle enjoy, and artists like Common and Pharrell Williams have already made trips to see the president at the White House.  

Who knows, Nicki Minaj just may be the next hip-hop star to chill with Obama in the Big House!