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Lena Dunham may only be 26, but she’s already created a show that’s garnered a cult following with GIRLS, and now she is shopping around for a million dollar book deal. Well, look who is having the best year ever!

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According to a quasi-investigative report by Slate, Lena and her camp are shopping around an advice book penned by the GIRLS writer, director and lead actress titled Not That Kind of Girl: Advice by Lena Dunham.

Here are all the deets of the book, as reported by Slate: 

In the intro, Dunham is self-deprecating about the idea that she has any wisdom to share, but says that if the book can help anyone avoid some of the mistakes she’s made it will be worth it. She cites Helen Gurley Brown’s Having It All as a kind of inspiration, even though she thinks much of what Brown specifically advised is totally nuts.

What’s to follow that intro, according to the proposal, are candid accounts of losing her virginity, trying to eat well (detailed diet journal included), obsessing about death, and so on, along with tips about how to stay focused on work, how not to ruin a potential relationship, and what have you.

According to Slate, the literary agency had set “an in-house floor of $1 Million” for U.S. rights to the book, which means nobody will be getting their hands on the Lena cookie jar without dishing out some serious bucks! 

Would you pick up an advice book from the witty writer?

Read more over at Slate. 

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