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Chris Brown continues to double dip in the cookie jar that is Karrueche and Rihanna

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Or at least, it appears that way.

After being spotted kissing and smoking with his Unapologetic ex-girlfriend at an event this weekend, the Fortune singer was then spotted leaving his apartment with Karrueche!

The former couple drove separate cars and were never actually photographed together, so it’s safe to say they kept their distance, but Chris does have his bodyguard give Karrueche a little bit of money for gas.

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While it might seem like a noble thing to do, this opened Kae up to a bunch of mean comments and even a nasty internet meme: 

It didn’t take long for Rihanna’s cousin Leandra to retweet and report the picture of Karrueche getting handed money, with the caption, “B*tches be like I got money.”

Leandra posted the picture, but quickly deleted it after getting some internet flack. She instead retweeted someone else who posted it. Could Rihanna have shut that down? Who knows. However, Rihanna’s cousin did go on to voice her opinion about what some fans had to say. 

Looks like that Good Girl Gone Bad attitude runs in the family. Do you think Leandra was out of line for reposting the meme? 

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