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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just shocked the world. 

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No, not with the announcement of their first born child together, but with the news that they turned down major money for the first pictures of their epic unborn baby.

TMZ reports that the couple turned down a Brangelina-type payday for the flicks: 

Sources close to K&K tell TMZ … the couple has been flooded with lucrative deals from magazines clamoring to score baby Kimye’s coveted first photos, with offers ranging as high as several million. We’re told the $3 million offer was from an overseas tabloid.

The couple reportedly turned down a $3 million payment and they have absolutely no plans on selling the pictures as of now. 

The KimYe source does point out that the couple could change their mind at a later date. This move is probably all about strategy, considering that Brad and Angelina got $14 million for their twins and J.Lo got $6 milli for the first flicks of her twins. 

Do you think KimYe will do something similar to what Jay-Z and Beyonce did and publish the first pictures for free? Speaking of Hova and King Bey, Yeezy wants the world to know that he and Kim are like family to the powerful hip-hop couple. 

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After a Mean Girls inspired meme hit the internet joking that Beyonce and Jay-Z won’t let Kim and Yeezy sit with them, Kanye tweeted that all four of the media heavyweights were “Fam,” posting a picture from their BET Awards appearance. 

Guess it’s true: Ain’t nobody messing with Yeezy’s “Clique.”

That’s not all the KimYe news we’ve got today. We’ve also had our first small glimpse at Kim’s baby bump as her robe flew open while filming at the beach. Check out the preggers Kim in our gallery!