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Oprah always has the magic touch.

During a highly anticipated interview with the media mogul yesterday, Lance Armstrong finally admitted that he used performance-enhancing drugs during his cycling career, according to two people who were briefed about the interview.

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However, the New York Times reports that it is unclear how much Armstrong revealed about the drug program he used, which the United States Anti-Doping Agency said was part of the most sophisticated and organized professional doping scheme in the history of sports.

But Armstrong isn’t just throwing himself under the bus. He is expected to testify against officials from the International Cycling Union about their involvement in the doping scheme. He will not, however, rat on other riders, according to people familiar with his plans.

He is planning to testify against several powerful people in the sport of cycling who knew about his doping and possibly facilitated it, said several people with knowledge of the situation.

He is also in discussions with the United States Department of Justice to possibly testify in a federal whistle-blower case. That case involves the cycling team sponsored by the United States Postal Service, and Armstrong would testify against several of the team’s owners, including the investment banker Thom Weisel, and other officials, one person close to the situation said.

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Acknowledging the drug use is a part of Armstrong’s plan to try to pull back his lifetime ban from Olympic sports, which he previously called “unfair.”

What do you think? Should officials remove the ban because he confessed, or keep him on that list?