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It’s freezing cold in the Northeast and criminals said they ain’t got the time for that!

DETAILS: Say What?! Chicago Murder Rate In 2013 ALREADY Set To Be Higher Than 2012! 

New NYPD statistics show that New York City has gone a full seven days without a homicide, an anomaly that has helped to pull this year’s early killing rate below where it was this time in 2012.

From Wednesday Jan. 16 to Jan. 23, the city had zero murders. That number stayed at zero as Thursday rolled around. According to police, the last time the city saw a seven-day period with no murders was immediately after Superstorm Sandy.

But police aren’t convinced it will last for long.

NYPD officials are not getting excited about the latest trend, which has homicides 25 percent down from the same period a year ago, because they prefer to look at crime statistics in three-month increments, said spokesman Paul Browne.

“A week is certainly too short a period for any pattern,” Browne said. “We have to look over periods of months.”

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They are attributing the calm to the bitter weather that has plagued the region all week.

Retired NYPD Det. Sgt. Joseph Giacalone, who is an adjunct professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, chalks up the absence of bloodshed in part to the frigid weather.

“The best cop I met was a female and her name was Mother Nature,” quipped Giacalone. “The bad weather, the cold weather — there are less people out on the streets so there is less chance of victimization.”

The department also said that most homicides happen outside…so as long as the weather is unforgiving, maybe the crime will stay down.

If only it were that easy!

SOURCE: Huffington Post