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PETA is taking off their gloves and getting ready to fight dirty with retail brand Bebe. 

People for Ethical Treatment of Animals was once in the corner of the ring with Bebe, but after uncovering some dirt on the company, they want to wash their hands of the brand. 

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According to reports by Fashionista, PETA has served Bebe with a cease and desist over allegations that the company was lying about not using animal fur in their products. 

As reported by Fashionista: 

PETA began its protest-laden war against Bebe’s fur usage back in 2007. Back then, PETA believed it had won and Bebe had agreed to discontinue its use of fur. Except, according to PETA, fur items continue to grace Bebe’s racks. So, last week, PETA sent Bebe’s freshly minted CEO Steve Birkhold a cease and desist. 

Fashionista was given an exclusive peek at the letter, which read: 

Bebe is “giving contradictory and therefore false and misleading information to consumers who contact your company about its fur-free policy – including telling consumers that Bebe is a fur-free company, when, in fact, Bebe continues to sell products made with animal fur.”

The letter goes on to demand that Bebe immediately cease and desist its “illegal” and “unfair” conduct. 

Welp! Sounds like a pretty big slap on the wrist from PETA, but the real twist in the story came when it was revealed that PETA bought shares in the company last year in order to be able to propose that the retailer stop using fur – but they can’t actually do it until 2014.

Maybe Bebe was just getting out the last of their fur-filled inventory before the PETA shares kicked in? 

Either way, faux fur is way chicer. 

SOURCE: Fashionista 


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