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Valentine’s Day is here and it’s the time for love. But one thing I’ve noticed is that single people seem to hate Valentine’s Day. 

I hear it every year around 2/14, women complain, dudes bicker. Sure, it’s a commercialized holiday, but it’s a day to celebrate love. It can be enjoyed whether single or involved, but if you’re single I want to tell you this.

You don’t need to hate the day of love, you just need to follow Xilla’s 4 simple laws of love. 

The first law of love is the law of change: One thing I notice is that if you want love, you must decide to change your thinking. If you believe there are no good men out there, you won’t find a good man. Fellas, if you think women are only hos and ratchets, you’ll never find a woman good enough to bring home to mama. 

The second law of love is the law of responsibility: If you want to change your love life, you have to accept the responsibility for your love life and take control of the situation you find yourself in. Your thoughts, your feelings and your actions all determine if you will find love or not. There is a certain type of woman that a man will bring home to his mother, and there is another type of woman that a man just brings home. Same thing goes for men. 

The third law of love is the law of belief: Your reality is based on your belief. If you believe you’re not sexy, you’ll never find someone who thinks you are sexy. Our beliefs hold us back; think about it. We weren’t born with these beliefs; we pick them up as we grow up. WebMD reports that the average toddler hears the word no 400 times a day, so it’s no wonder we think we would never find a good person to love us. The law of belief is that what you believe is totally in your control. 

The fourth law of love is the law of focus: Once you begin to focus on the lover your want, they will become clearer to you. If you don’t have a concrete vision of the type of person you want, then how will you find that person? Focus on the person you want, how you want them to treat you, and all of the things you want this person to provide for you. Feel how all of that makes you feel. When you do this, you’ll know exactly when the one walks into your life and you’ll never settle for anything less. 

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