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Most celebrities deny, deny, deny when they’re dating someone.

So when Sophie Monk recently said that she and Sam Worthington are not an item, we knew we should ignore that comment completely.

And we were right…

The super sexy model was spotted picking up her hunky actor from a Melbourne airport over the weekend and the two walked so close together, they might as well have held hands.

We knew these two Australian-based hotties were in love.

Still, Sophie told Express news last month:

“We’re very close but we’re not dating. He’s a good friend. I really like him. He’s just really down to earth and really Australian.”

A lot of things can change in a month, so who knows?

But for now, check out the Sam and Sophie above and tell us what you think we should call them… Samie?

Nah, that doesn’t work. Our bad.

SOURCE: EOnline || Photo Credit: INF

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