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Throughout the entire week of yoga, we have dedicated our practice to the people of Haiti.  The horrible tragedy that has struck that nation is something I have meditated about for many hours.  After yesterday’s practice, I ran into Russell and he asked me if I wanted to go out to Queens to go a ‘peace’ rally.  I didn’t know too much about it, but I said ‘sure’ and went along for the journey.  While in the car, he mentioned that because of the world’s focus on Haiti, he was concerned that New York City’s ‘Peace Week’ might not get a lot of attention, but they had planned it for months, so it must happen.

As we sat in a small room before the event started, the room came to a stop when Donna Grieves walked in.  She is the remarkable mother of Kevin Miller, who was killed a few months ago, at the tender age of 13.  It was amazing to see Governor Paterson, Congressman Meeks, Ja Rule and some of the old school rappers like Eric B and Salt (from Salt n Pepa), and many others showing their support, but Donna was the most imporant person in that room.

Eric B

The event was led by the INCREDIBLE Erica Ford and Bury Da Beef and could not have been more inspiring…there were all kind of amazing speeches from mothers who had lost their children to to the senseless violence to the real Avon Barksdale from ‘The Wire’ to other strong community members.  Capt. Dennis Muhammad gave an amazing speech and encouraged the community members to become PeaceKeepers in their own neighborhood, a project that he is spear-heading and that is being supported by Russell. 

Anyhow, the idea of peace week in celebration of Dr. King’s birthday is in itself a great prayer.  But the extension of peace week activities into a sustainable program (peacekeepers) is even more inspiring.  In the yogic scripture it says in the face of a person firmly grounded in Ahimsa (non vioence) all violence ceases. So on this Martin Luther King Day I pray that everyone is inspired to make a slight shift. And turn away from violence and make small choices every day that change the world to a more peaceful place


Erica Ford (Bury Da Beef/Life Camp), Gov. David Paterson & AT (Man Up)
Ja Rule
Erica Ford & AT
For more information about PEACE WEEK, click HERE
-Heidy Allende
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