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Young Jeezy has always blessed us with lessons on Thug Motivation and we all have attentively taken notes. In case you somehow missed Thug Motivation 101 and 102, no worries there still time to catch up as Jeezy prepares us for TM103.


With an anticipated June release date, Jeezy has given us a preview on what we can expect on TM103 with the two hot singles, Scared Money and Lose My Mind. Enlisting well-known producers such as Kanye West, No I.D and Tricky Stewart, Jeezy is coming out of this Recession  with a homerun.


But like any true thug, there is no slowing down your hustle (refer to TM102). Until 103 sees the light of day Jeezy is making this clear with his sold out performances each night on the BP3 tour.  It seems like Jeezy’s focus (and him rubbing shoulders with Hov every night) is really paying off as his delivery, hunger and flow is stronger than ever.