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On a daily basis, it seems like I’m always getting questioned about my ethnicity and where I’m from. My features are also what set me apart from other models in the industry and as a proud African American woman, I love informing people of exactly what I am and where my heritage lies, not only to prove to people that black women come in different complexions, with different features, and from different countries, but to stress that being black, whatever shade or complexion you are, is truly a beautiful thing.

Not only does my ethnicity trace back to the French-Creole culture that still thrives in New Orleans today (so does Beyonce’s), but to the beautiful group of islands on the West Coast of Africa, Cape Verde, making me one proud Kriola (term for Cape Verdean girl)!

If you haven’t heard, the Cape Verde Islands are filled with beautiful people mixed with African, Portuguese, and other European descent! (A lot of people, especially other Africans, don’t recognize CV’s (Cape Verdeans) as Africans, but don’t get it twisted, we ARE African!). We speak our own beautiful form of Portuguese based Creole, sometimes referred to as Kriolu, and we even have our own festivals here in the states where we share our culture through our music and delicious food (BTW If you ever attend a CV fest, make sure you grab some cachupa and linguisa. Mmm!). You can find a large community of Cape Verdeans in the New England area, especially in Massachussetts, and my birthplace, Rhode Island! 🙂

To my dismay, many people are ignorant to the beautiful Cape Verdean American culture that thrives in the states today, so I’m here to inform you and reveal to you some of the most beautiful Cape Verdeans in Hollywood. Check out your favorite Kriolas!


Did you know that the sexy Amber Rose is a beautiful mix of Cape Verdean and Italian?


TLC’s Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes was a Kriola. You can tell by her ethnic last name, Lopes. R.I.P. With her thick accent, you can tell Exotica from VH1’s For the Love of the Ray J is straight from the islands of CV!


Phenomenal jazz singer and actress, the late Lena Horne was reportedly Cape Verdean. R.I.P.


Stacey Dash is mixed with CV! Definitely a Cape Verdean Vixen! Ow Ow!

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