In life we all have drama, problems and issues. Some more than others. Some handle their issues better than others.  Some voice theirs’ or even blog about it.  These days someone else will do it for you!  May it be funny, silly, private, hurtful or even malicious. Trust me, I would know.
Throughout my career I could not understand why people were so mean, when it really didn’t have anything to do with them and they were trying to fabricate stories out of rumors…to feed a group of negative individuals for their entertainment. Now don’t get me wrong, I RESPECT every ones opinion’s and attributes!  That’s how we grow.  We live, we listen and learn. 
I have always been shy of the media, and I have learned to respect it all.  It takes a really strong woman with thick skin to survive certain things…and thankfully, I have since grown thick skin!  I am now able to take whatever the media wants to throw at me, but I think a lot about the young girls coming up who are just trying to get a foot in the door…when boom!  They get hit with a little negative press and sometimes they never recover.
So, it is one thing to get attacked by the NY Post or the Daily News, but it is even worse from the online gossip sites, that seem to be making a living at being nasty and mean.  It gives me hope that Global Grind, a network that promotes positivity and empowerment, has overtaken gossip sites that are trying to bring people down.  I applaud everyone doing their thing!  Whatever it is you want in life, go get it!  Hatred only shows jealousy and a lack of confidence in one’s self, not yours’.  Let’s not forget that all shit stinks! Let’s support each other, so we all can shine! Keep grindin’!

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