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The gift of expression with rhythm to enlighten the opportunity of a flawed atmosphere of Hip Hop with a masterful skill of lyrics while engaging the rhythm & including the voice of a deaf, listening audience… He spoke through with a chilling tone with a message on “Chilling” featuring the lady of the entrance, Lady Gaga while appearing to walk through the exit of Hip Hop. He addresses the appealing pain of Black Women lost to emotions on “Diary.” Speaking with courage against the popular of popularity he is possibly the “Prescription” if you take the time to “Contemplate” on his “Triumph” you will find a “Beautiful Bliss” within the rapper Wale! Olubowale Victor Folarin is a champion even if he is “Attention Deficit” to the popular sensation of the current generation of music; you have to admit that you taste his “Bittersweet” heartfelt lyrics….

It seemed that Wale disappeared from the face of the earth for a month or longer… He was a notorious tweeter & all of sudden he faded into the background like a dropped artist… But, Wale is back with a mixtape “More About Nothing” which is the sequel to his mixtape “The Mixtape About Nothing” which is about something…


So, the question is why is this DMV artist lacking to the masses??? Where is his connection to the general audience of Hip Hop??? Is it because he does not offer a dance with his rhymes or is it because like he says on “The Meeting” that he is simply an “average **** with swag, on ugly **** with skills” or is because it isn’t his time because the world of Hip Hop lacks understanding for his talent… Wale is bold with his form of expression but is considered to have a Kanye West attitude due to his arrogance but regardless, the only question that anyone should have about him is where his pen is because Wale has an ability to reach within & extend with no boundaries…

Dressed with the style of the nations capitol, pronouncing his skill with a matching talent, he is prepared with his sneaker game to run miles around the game of Hip Hop, just checkout his video, “More About Nothing” as he address his hiatus!!!! Wale is reintroducing his himself as a DMV artist that features Go-Go while switching lanes with powerful lyrics & he does not care “Who Don’t” care because he is ready to leave an impression that will be admired!!! The only thing left to do is find out when did Wale Folarin “fall in love with hip hop!”


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