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We all love hip-hop. Everyone wants a piece of the lifestyle and to understand the culture from its roots. Hip-hop is all about loyalty. A lot of hip-hop artists and rappers marry their high school sweethearts or someone they have that repoire with because that trust is there and in a relationship and in this industry what is more important than trust?

Besides women who have been the faces in these artists’ lives from the beginning, celebrities choose to date each other because there is a mutual understanding involved. But why just date another celebrity who is in the same industry as you? Why not branch out and try something different? These are some girls I think could blend into the hip-hop industry well or who could just use some hip-hop influence in their lives…


We already know she wakes up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy, so why not just wake up with P. Diddy? Or maybe another rapper since Cassie already has that on lockdown. I was thinking more like Andre 3000, someone who can compliment her unique and sexy style but who has the maturity and experience to teach her the ropes. Andre 3000 is the ideal candidate for giving anyone fashion advice and this could especially work for Ke$ha since she’s the new girl on the scene with that something special that no one else has. Andre’s look is outrageous but he pulls it off so well and this is the exact direction Ke$ha’s image should be going towards. They both have that x-factor that takes their celebrity to the next level.


Aubrey O’Day

On the first season of Making the Band 3 Diddy asked Aubrey if she had any black in her. That’s not like some random person off the street asking her this question-it’s Diddy. Out of all the girls-white, black, Spanish, Asian, Aubrey stole the spotlight for the entire season, and then continued to do so for every other Making the Band season she was ever on.

She had a spread in Blender Magazine before even being chosen as a member of the band. She has the look to be some nice arm candy for a rapper but what does it for me is that she has the attitude and confidence to hold down a rapper when every other girl is throwing themselves at them. She doesn’t hold back when it comes to her opinion as well as her sexuality, who could be more perfect?


Amanda Bynes

The rumors have already circulated so why not just validate them by showing up to a red carpet event on the arm of Drake? How about Mack Maine or Tyga just to stir up some Young Money controversy, it would only benefit all careers involved. If the rumor is already there then why not just go all in?

Amanda Bynes has been in the spotlight since the age of 10 as an actress on Nickelodeon, so she’s used to being in the spotlight. She has the sense of humor to keep a man from getting bored and moving on as well as the industry experience to provide understanding and educated advice. She showed us that she has a sexy side when she posed for Maxim magazine and we all know a rapper needs that in their life.


Leighton Meester

She’s one of the hottest chicks in the game right now. Our love-hate relationship with her on Gossip Girl keeps us wanting more so her music career couldn’t have come around at a more per