Fans of ‘Sex And The City’, don’t sit down just yet! Sarah Jessica Parker attended the AOL NewsFronts this past week, and she revealed some pretty exciting details on what’s to come for the ‘Sex And The city’ franchise! While talking with Extra, the 48-year-old singer hinted at the idea that there might be a […]

Anne Hathaway is an amazing actress that takes her work very serious but it looks like she took her most recent gig with Les Misérables a little too seriously. The Cat Woman star was so dedicate she chopped her hair but thought that was not enough so decided to shed 25 pounds. PHOTOS: Pixie Cut […]

Are you planning to go to the movies this weekend? If you are, you have a tough decision to make: what exactly should you see?! If you want action, you could check out the new James Bond flick Skyfall or the Ben Affleck-directed Argo. Maybe if you’re in the mood for a real quality drama, you could catch Lincoln or […]

Brooklyn Castle officially hits theatres October 19th! The film follows the lives of five kids at inner-city middle school I.S. 318. VIDEO: Snoop, Usher, & More Endorse Obama In A New BET Documentary These kids are a part of the school’s very accomplished chess team, but also struggle through extremely challenging situations in their personal […]

Fall is here and Hollywood is gearing up to release some amazing new projects. We’re in for a fall of villains gone good and legends brought to life. If you’ve been to the movies in the last month or so you’ve probably seen a preview of these films, but now we’re excited to present the […]

As summer begins to simmer down and fall movies begin to burst onto the scene, major movie trailers have us inching on the edge of our seats, ready to rush to theaters. TRAILER TIME: “Unconditional” & Other Upcoming Movie Trailers! Dead Europe, which stars Ewen Leslie as Isaac and Marton Csokas as Niko, is definitely […]

Even though the hype over summer releases is simmering down, there are still plenty of movies coming up this fall to get excited for, including the latest, Premium Rush. TRAILER TIME: “The Campaign,” “The Bourne Legacy” & More! Check out the trailer to Premium Rush and other great upcoming movies of the summer and fall below. Premium […]

It’s back to school season and the first day of class is swiftly approaching! After running around town grabbing last minute supplies before school starts, take a moment to check out films that’ll have you pondering some cool ideas for this academic year. VIDEOS: TRAILER TIME: Killing Them Softly And More Box Office Smashes! Maybe you’ll […]

So far summer 2012 has been action-packed. Movies have been filled with violence, danger, and insane chases, but it looks like that’s about to be interrupted! VIDEO: TRAILER TIME: “The Expendables 2” & Other Upcoming Movie Trailers! Even though there are some classics coming out soon like the new James Bond movie, Skyfall and Killing Them Softly, it’s […]

In the history of dance movies, we tend to see three main kinds of stories: crews going head-to-head to battle it out, a guy and a girl falling in love through their steps, or the underdog trying to win the audition. Since movies like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing, which paved the way for dance movies […]

Last week, The Dark Knight Rises premiered in theaters around the country, and everyone went crazy over what’s been called the most anticipated movie of the summer. Even though the hype over its release is simmering down, there are still plenty of movies coming up this summer to get excited for! REVIEW: WORTH 12 BUCKS? Step […]

As summer moves into its final month, the big action-packed movies start to dwindle. In their place, we have a ton of dramas and thrillers. “Dark Knight Rises”: Why You Need To See This Christopher Nolan Epic Blockbuster! So grab your Snuggie and a box of tissues in preparation for an emotional journey with Samantha […]