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In the history of dance movies, we tend to see three main kinds of stories: crews going head-to-head to battle it out, a guy and a girl falling in love through their steps, or the underdog trying to win the audition.

Since movies like Flashdance and Dirty Dancing, which paved the way for dance movies of today, there have been such similar themes over the past few decades.

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Step Up Revolution follows the legacy of the previous Step Up movies that have gotten us out of our seats and given us dreams of studios and mirrors, but this time they did things a little differently.

The movie covers a dance group called “The Mob” that does exactly what flash mobs of today do: show up at random places and dance a routine.

Although the acting wasn’t up to the same level as you might find in a Denzel Washington movie, the dancing was some that can’t be seen in many other dance flicks.

The opening scene is one to get the adrenaline pumping for what’s to come. They cover it all, from some aerobatics, b-boying, popping, locking, and even some quick twerking.

While the intensity might remind you of the opening scene of Stomp The Yard, the fierce nail-biting feeling of the competition is gone, so that you can focus on the true talent of the mob members.

The chemistry between Ryan Guzman and Kathryn McCormick is definitely a blast from the past from the original Step Up movie, but they still are able to establish a different connection with the audience.

It may be easy to compare the movie piece by piece to the first Step Up, but by the end you can see that they really are two different masterpieces with the same drive and passion.

The love between Ryan and Kathryn’s characters is not what would seem like the center of the movie; it’s rather the love and bond of The Mob itself.

While The Mob routines are consistently mind-blowing throughout the movie, nothing can touch the final routine.

It incorporates all that you could imagine to make up one of the most epic dance scenes there has been in years.

While I don’t want to give away the details, all you need to know is that stacks of boxcars aren’t just for those high-action chase movie scenes.

So, is Step Up Revolution worth the 12 bucks? For the less-exposed dance mind, I would definitely say so!

Step Up Revolution is in theaters today.

-Lindsey India

Twitter: @LindseyIndia

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