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Shyne’s highly anticipated release from his 9yr bid in October 2009 marked a favorable time for the rapper… yet one filled with setbacks. Shyne’s immediate deportation back to his hometown Belize had many in the hip hop community wondering if the rapper could put his career in motion once again.

 L.A Reid’s recent visit with the rapper is proof that the rapper has no plans on letting his setbacks slow down his hustle. The successful music executive flew into Belize to discuss Shyne’s partnership with Island Def Jam and Shyne’s Gangland Records. There have been many reports claiming that the partnership will land the rapper a seven-figure deal. Either way this a great look for the rapper, a sign of glistening hope that we will be hearing from him in the near future.

With two albums under his belt, SHYNE and Godfather Buried Alive (he managed to drop this album while in prison) Shyne embodies high marketability that many other rappers with a longer resume fail to obtain.

Whether it’s the jail sentence, his gritty edge or his gangsta-laced lyrics, Shyne has managed to build an illustrious aura around him that has many still interested despite his long hiatus.

Though some things have changed since we last seen the Brooklyn emcee (i.e the state of hip-hop, and his name) one thing remains the same and that’s his hunger to make music. The very same hunger that’s attracting recent collabs with many heavy weights, like DJ Khaled and Swizz Beatz.

You know the saying diamonds are made under pressure well Shyne is definitely living proof of that.

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