The Daily Grind Video

by Jim Jones

Any sport is competitive and I’m a competitive person. Since I’m a pretty athletic person, I came up playing a bunch of sports. I’m not really the person that was on the teams. I was more into running the streets, but I grew up with some certified athletes so I had to be good at basketball to play ball with them in the parks. We get it in. Find somebody who wanna do this thang. I just finished scrapin’ somebody up. One of these bloggers, yall might know him. His name is Raheem. Raheem from Vlad TV. Scraped him up badly too. I put ‘bout like 10 3-pointers back-to-back on him. We went in.


My son is crazy man. My son has me wake up every Sunday to go play basketball like five weeks straight. Then for three weeks he got my lil nephews over there, they going wild, he don’t wanna go play basketball. Now today he called me after school like, “Yo, Yo, Yo! I wanna go play, I need you to take me to my game on Sunday.” He’s getting better at it. He’s young, so I’m not forcing him to do anything, but what I did tell him was you can’t start something in life and not finish it. You gotta be dedicated to what you do. If you on a team you have a group of people that depend on you, so you can’t just bail out on them. That’s one of the things I was trying to tell him once I seen what he was doing far as playing hooky from his basketball practice and games. He’s six and got a lot to learn, but he’s getting better at it.

To be honest, if I could play anyone one on one, I’d play LeBron, just to pop shit to him. I don’t care if I lose, whatever, I’d talk so much shit to him during this game, serious shit. Terribly disrespectful shit to him, he’d be going, “I don’t even want to play”, I’d be talking so much shit to him.

I’m a New York fan. I like the Knicks, even though they ain’t shit right now. If Lebron came here I’d have to suck it up a little bit, ya know? I would have to figure that shit out. I’d have to find something else to be mad about with him.

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