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Can you remember the days of the old plastic Halloween costumes that came in the square box? Remember barely being able to breathe through the tiny nose holes of the mask? The sting of the rubberband popping against your skin and cheap staples digging in to your temples are simply unforgettable.

2009 marks a climax of kiddie halloween hijinx. Yes folks, things done changed. Gone are the apron like costumes of yesteryear. Now, kids are treat hunting with less clothing than they go to bed in. And if they’re not stark naked in the streets, they’re wearing costumes that look like they found in the back of a meat market.

With that my grinding buddies, I offer you my list of kids Halloween costumes that should never have seen the light of day.

Sure the kid is all smiles and his parents may think this is funny but I think the real comedy would be walking his little bad ass through and airport. To think, people actually lose their lives over the real thing. Screw this costume.
I wonder if the chickens KFC uses look like this before they’re battered and fried.
There’s nothing like the imitating the breaking of child labor laws. The irony is that the kid that wears this will probably be just as prone to NOT deliver your packages as the actual delivery person!
If there was a little girl in this costume, it’d probably have a picture of R. Kelly on the packaging.

The same parents who allow their tweens to wear costumes like this are the ones who wonder why MSNBC keeps showing ‘To Catch A Predator’ reruns.
The roasted turkey costume is one thing but the plate is a whole other level of WRONG!
And people wonder where the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality starts. *rimshot*
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