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“I got that Justin Bieber please believe it…”

The Biebs is taking a break from his recent reckless activities to promote his sensual new women’s fragrance The Key. 

The Key, which is Justin Bieber’s third stab at a scent, is not being compared to his other (wildly successful) fragrances, largely due to the sleek and mature nature of the white and gold-trimmed padlocked (and key) bottle and the erotic ad campaign that has just been released.

In the promo shot, Bieber is seen popping his collar and preserving his sexy whilst a model sporting black lingerie slumbers on a crumbled comforter in the backdrop. The ad is quite suggestive and clearly causes our minds to run into the gutter.

Perhaps this go round Justin is trying to give us not only the key to his heart but also the key to his bedroom.

Justin Bieber’s The Key hits stores July 15.