There is no denying the ’90s were all that with a bag of chips and a side of dip. 

Remember waking up to catch your favorite Saturday morning cartoons while taking care of your Tamagotchi while downing a hearty bowl of Oreo O’s? We sure do.

But it’s not those nostalgic things that stood out to us the most about the decade. It was all about the funky fresh fashion.

Watching classic episodes of Saved By the Bell just reminds us of how cool everyone looked. And now, in the year 2013, the fashion of the 1990s has officially been revived.

Instead of the futuristic fashion we all thought we’d be rocking while cruisin’ in our hovering cars come Y2K, the not-so-new fads are giving us a flash from the past.

Here’s a list of ’90s trends that have our closets looking more like time machines.


One strap up, one strap down, and just like that, you’re as fresh as Will Smith, the Prince of Bel Air, himself. Whether you’re a fan of Justin Bieber and his spitting habits, you’ve gotta admit that he looks pretty damn cool.


Backwards snapbacks and tattoos were cool long before Chris Brown. Case in point: Tupac. The “Thug Life” rapper helped pave the way for the dope hip-hop style we still don to this day.

Dr. Martens

TLC were “CrazySexyCool” and on trend for not only the ’90s, but also 2013, and they didn’t even know it. They helped popularize the British footwear brand, and even celebs like Jessica Alba have been seen stompin’ around in ’em.

Crop Tops

What’s one thing the late Princess of R&B Aaliyah and Miley Cyrus have in common? If not anything else, it’s their love of crop tops. We can’t blame them because we’re equally obsessed. Besides, baring some midriff always makes us feel all that and a bag of chips.

Baggy Jeans

Kris Kross made us jump, and they also encouraged us to rock our jeans as loose as possible – the baggier the better. The trend wasn’t just reserved for rappers, though. Guys and girls alike were getting jiggy while drowning in their pant legs. While sagging may not be as popular anymore, celebs like Rihanna have been ditching the skinny jeans for a little more leg room.

Timberland Boots

Biggie wore ’em. DMX wore ’em. Mobb Deep wore ’em. And now, so is Khloe Kardashian. The reality TV star swagged out when she wore a pair of Timbs last month. While we’ve been seeing Timbs for quite a while, it’s good to know that even Ms. Odom approves.

Flannel Shirts

Who would’ve thought Al of “Tool Time” could give us home improvement and fashion tips? Sure, flannel shirts originated from grunge culture, but he’s proof that flannel button-ups look hip on just about anyone. Whether it’s tied around your waist (like Khloe in the above pic) or thrown on top of a basic outfit like Kim Kardashian’s, a flannel shirt can be the quick ‘fit fix you need.

We’re diggin’ the resurgence of ’90s trends, but there are some that we can definitely do without. Let’s all agree to leave shell necklaces, slap bracelets and JNCO jeans in the past where they belong.

Photo Credit: Getty, WENN, Instagram

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