Once again, Amanda Bynes has flown the cuckoo’s nest, but this time she’s going off about her parents.

Filing a bid to put her daughter under a temporary conservatorship, (following her recent gas fire incident and subsequent hospitalization) Amanda Bynes’ mother was trying to help. But Mandy sees it as the exact opposite. 

Amanda Bynes’ old BFF, model Ana Rivera, spills that Amanda and her parents have never been close.

Amanda deeply resents her “overprotective” parents for “telling her what to do and pushing her into acting, a career she never wanted.”

Amanda “was frustrated, as they wanted her to act and she didn’t want to do it any more,” Ana says. “Amanda said the only movie she herself liked that she was in was Hairspray. She didn’t get any enjoyment out of acting.”

We saw signs hinting to such back in 2010, when Amanda Bynes announced she was retiring from the acting scene and moving towards fashion. But this wasn’t the only case. Ana Rivera also spilled how the rollercoaster relationship had been going on for years, but we just never saw it.

“She said she’d never been close to her family,” Ana claims. “She was jealous of her sister, Jill, and the praise she got from her parents, as she was a teacher and had two kids and a great marriage. It felt like a real sibling rivalry and everything Amanda secretly wanted.”

“She also didn’t get on with her dad,” Ana continued. “She said he was too overprotective. They tried to get in contact, but Amanda would get mad at them for sending texts, even though they said ‘Amanda, we love you. Please get in contact.’ She felt like they were telling her what to do. It would always end badly, as she wouldn’t hear what she wanted.”

But as we have seen and know, Amanda’s life is no longer in the hands of herself, or her parents. Amanda has been placed on a mandatory psych hold. 

Is it for the greater good? Ms. Ana Rivera believes her old BFF “is a danger to herself and others and could be in a mental institution for the rest of her life.”


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