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Is Kris Jenner trying to take Oprah’s place?!

Well, not exactly…

The mother of six, manager, and now talk show host of her very own program Kris, may look like she’s trying to fill Oprah’s shoes; but it’s actually her hair…

In the new episode of Kris, Ms. Jenner decided to switch it up a bit and wear the massive afro wig that Oprah Winfrey wore for her September O magazine cover.

The reality star had guest celebrity hairstylist Kim Kimble on the show and Kimble shared her process of how to create the three-and-a-half pound hairpiece that she made for Oprah.

Kris also had Morris Chestnut as a guest host, where they shared a funny moment when discussing the wig:

“Actually I don’t know if Kim was going to tell you, but that was my hair before I shaved.”

Want to know more?! Don’t forget to watch the video above and check it out for yourself…