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Go to the gym, flex, then snap a picture in the mirror. Go to the movies, pretend to eat popcorn, snap a pic. Go to the mall, try on the best outfit ever (that of course you’re not going to purchase) and pose for your best fitting room shot. But could selfies be equally ruining your life and the lives of the celebrities you love?

Kim Kardashian – and the rest of the Kardashian clique are synonymous with being a narcissistic celeb family that supplement their popular personas by flooding their social media timelines with numerous self captured snapshots, however they make put their iPhone’s down after checking out this new study.

According to newly released research by the University of Birmingham U.K., overloading others with selfies via social media feeds can dramatically affect real world relationships. Well this is only if those others aren’t your friends and family.

The findings further state persons close to you outside of the tech realm (IE: friends and family) don’t mind your overwhelming selfies because, they love you. However outsiders dislike your over-excessive selfie sharing so much so that it makes them like you less.

These persons may include ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, timeline stalkers, and lurking bosses and co-workers. No wonder Taylor Swift only croons about her ex lovers instead of posting random  self photos.

Additional noteworthy observations from the study correlate having intimacy issues with your excessive love of selfies. But don’t get scared and stop snapping Rihanna, because (according to the researchers) its not exactly what you think it is.

Despite the study claiming that friends and family have no issues with selfies, increased posting can lead to a decrease in intimacy levels among both groups, in terms of how much they’d rely on your opinion, support or help in general and this is likely because they think you’re all about self.

So what do the Brit researchers want our proclaimed selfie Kings; Fabolous, Wiz Khalifa, and Justin Bieber and self loving Queens; Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and of course, The Kardashians, take away from this study? Oh and non-celebs too:

“We think people should use social network sites … and enjoy the benefits they bring, because after all they are fun, or we wouldn’t be using them. But just be careful about what [you] are sharing,”

“Think twice, post once.”

We think Drake would enjoy reading the findings of this study, considering his no new friends stance, however other celebs like Justin Bieber, who’s been hanging in various circles lately, may want to think twice before uploading that “fresh out the gym” selfie.

For a more in-depth look, checkout the full study here.


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