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Just when we thought Lady Gaga couldn’t set the bar higher with unique fashion… she does.

The Applause singer was out and about in Greenwich Village in Manhattan yesterday, where she debuted a brand new look…and no, it didn’t involve new hair or clothing.

Gaga showed off her new facial accessory, which was a full face mask that covered almost her whole head, similar to ones Kanye sported at his concert last year.

Sporting some bright blue leather pants and a plain white tee, the mask really was the highlight of her ensemble, including her sky-high black heels.

Her Little Monsters who had been waiting hours to see their leader might have been a little disappointed that Gaga didn’t show her face, but we know they love her just as much.

A lot of Gaga’s die hard fans have been so excited for her new ARTPOP project coming out soon, but many of us are still trying to figure out what the word “Artpop” means to her.

She recently tweeted about the project name, giving us all a better look into the eyes of Lady Gaga:

Well, that seems to clear that up!

What do you guys think of Gaga’s mask and ARTPOP name?

Photo credit: Splash