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Kim Kardashian has not stopped gushing about her engagement to baby daddy Kanye West since it all went down last week.

West popped the question in an over the top (shocker!) surprise engagement on the same field the San Francisco Giants play on. Yeezy hired a full orchestra to play in the background as he surprised his lady with a 15-carat engagement ring; all the while Kim’s family hid out in a dug out nearby.

Thankfully for us, E! News caught up with Kimmy K at her birthday bash at TAO nightclub in Las Vegas this weekend to chat about all things Yeezus. Kim opened up about her post-baby body, being engaged to ‘Ye, and a potential name change!

Kim continues to shock everyone who criticized her for her major weight gain during her pregnancy with North West by stepping out looking fit and fabulous time and time again, and her birthday was no different. The new mama hit the town in a form-fitting all white ensemble.

“This is a designer from Paris, I honestly don’t know who, I forgot the designer, but I bought this when I was really, really pregnant and I thought I would never fit in it,” Kim revealed. “I thought, ‘Why am I buying this?’ But I wanted this to be my incentive – I wanted to fit into this. So the fact that I’m fitting in to this on my birthday makes me really excited.”

Kim then went on to talk about her engagement.

“I cried afterwards. I was shaking. And when you’re like, Is this really happening? But you’re just shaking…I honestly had no idea, none whatsoever,” she revealed. “I knew we were going to San Francisco for my birthday, because he had a show there the next night. So I thought it was just a birthday dinner.”

That’s right, y’all! The entire Kardashian klan managed to keep this major secret under wraps.

“My eyes were closed and then I got up and I still the whole time didn’t think it was a proposal,” she said. “I thought it was dinner on the baseball field and we had a nice orchestra. I still didn’t get it…when he got on his knee I kind of figured out what was going on.”

For those of you doubting KimYe’s relationship, Kimmy assured E! News they’re stronger than ever post-baby.

“You really have a sense of family, especially with us having our daughter, and our relationship has been best friends – we’ve known each other for so long that our relationship has always been amazing, but I think it’s gotten so much better after we had our daughter and just since we’ve been together for almost two years now.”

Unfortunately, it seems the two have yet to start planning what is sure to be the best wedding of all time.

“As far as wedding stuff, we haven’t even talked about anything – it’s been such a whirlwind. We need like a moment to relax and figure it all out,” she said. “I’m going to leave this up to him. Whatever he wants.”

They have figured one thing out, however. Kim K will be taking her beau’s name. Not to worry, y’all – she’s not dropping the Kardashian completely, just making it her middle name.

Kim and Kanye may not have begun the wedding planning yet, but momager Kris Jenner has some ideas up her sleeve – naturally! Kris chatted up E! News at Kimmy’s 33rd birthday bash, saying she wants her daughter to wear “whatever she falls in love with” down the aisle.

“You can imagine what she might wear, but she’s got to feel it and put it on and think: This is the dress!” she said.

Wedding dress shopping can be a daunting task, but Jenner thinks Kim’s got a leg up on most people because she’s got a whole posse of fashionable friends to help her out.

“She’s got quite a great group of designer friends, so there’s not going to be a problem finding a dress, I bet,” she joked.

In fact, Kim’s hubby-to-be already has a designer friend – Rachel Roy – itching to collaborate with the rapper on his wifey’s wedding day digs. Roy will have to get in line – a slew of designers are fighting to be the one who gets to design the reality star’s dress.

So how is Kris feeling in the wake of so much pre-wedding-post-baby bliss? Pretty awesome!

“They grow up so fast and life kicks in but it’s kind of a wonderful time. I feel like we’re all living on a cloud. Monday night was one of the best nights of our lives. It was really fun.”

She also set the record straight on her own love life, saying:

“I don’t have time to date anybody. I mean it all sounds great, right?” My fake little fantasy life that they’re making up for me as I go along,” she told E! News. “Some of the things people write often fascinate me…it’s like a creative writing experience. But, I’m not dating anybody, but I do have a lot of really great friends who are a lot of fun and we hang out all the time. I’m working on a lot of amazing projects at work, that I’ll tell you about later.”

SOURCE: E! News | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty Images

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