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When the HBO hit TV series, Entourage, concluded back in September 2011, after eight awesome seasons, it was like losing friends you’ve known for years.

Friends known as Vincent Chase, Eric Murphy, Johnny “Drama” Chase, Turtle, Ari Gold, and a cast of other characters that made the comedy-drama the half-hour piece of brilliance it was.

And for someone who’s never seen, better yet, experienced the show, they just don’t get our emotion over its ending.

They just don’t know, they don’t know…

But cease with the waterworks, because Entourage is back, sort of!

After an extensive period of contract negotiations with cast members, it looks like everybody’s ready to jump on board with the production of a feature film. Entourage‘s creator Doug Ellin tweeted with a photo of the cast: “It’s a go. Love you all.”

Jeremy Piven just as excited, tweeted: “Now it’s time to go to WORK! the #EntourageMovie is on and I look forward to getting into it my friends. Thanks for your patience…”

On The Wendy Williams show, Jerry Ferrara also said the Entourage movie is “looking real good” while promoting his new movie, Last Vegas. The Warner Bros. studio is hoping to start shooting in January 2014.

And even though we’re glad to hear that those involved with the Entourage project are thrilled with what’s to come, we at GlobalGrind wonder how Jeremy Piven’s character Ari Gold or Adrian Grenier’s character Vincent Chase would react. Sure, they’d be ecstatic, but it’s their respective reactions that we’d love to witness. 

That being said, check out our take down below.

Vinny has always been a bit of a playboy, but there comes a time in every man’s life where you just want to chill and be with that one special woman. But with this Entourage film in the works, not only is his acting career rejuvenated, but that monogamous thinking is pretty much out the window as well…

Drama, who’s had it much harder as an actor than Vinny, would simply be stoked to work again…

He and Turtle would CONSTANTLY be giving each other the pound over the big news:

And we have a feeling that E would be fixated on telling the love of his life what just went down:

Who exactly? Simone of course:

And Ari being Ari, he would definitely have some “kind words” for his haters:

And even though Ari likes to vent like nobody else before him, he’s the type of person to say…

Here’s to the next phase!

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