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Will Ferrell brings back Ron Burgundy one month from now on December 20th, when Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues hits theaters.

We got the 411 from director Adam McKay about all the things you need to know to help hold you over until the film opens. So since we know you’re thirsty to see this one, we’re just going to let you in on some random facts that will come in handy during the pre-previews and coming attractions.

So read on, and stay classy.

1. Did you know the first cut of Anchorman 2 was 4.5 hours long and the producers loved it. But eventually they decided that 2-2.5 hours was more reasonable, because almost no one would sit through a 4-hour movie. Can you imagine 4 hours of Ron Burgundy?

2. Adam also revealed that there are more than 240 alternate jokes in the film. The screenplay is mostly all ad-libs and during each take, the cast would say or do “more crazy shit.”

3. This film deals with the ’80s and the shift of race relations from that era. They push a lot of buttons about race, while still walking a fine line. Adam says that Ron is just so dumb and clueless, that he comes off innocent. Check out what we mean in the trailer below:

4. The movie is fueled by the actors’ genuine love for one another. Getting the whole cast back together, Will Ferrell, Steve Carell, Christina Applegate and the gang, they were just, “purely trying to make each other laugh; that’s the engine of the entire thing,” Adam reveals.

5. They originally didn’t want to do a sequel to the 2004 movie, but after the success and the longevity of the characters, they decided to go ahead and do it – 9 years later. Will Ferrell reveals, “Those guys get to make six Ocean’s Elevens and no one seems to beat them up for it, so c’mon, why not?”

6. The movie has a few alternate endings. Adam says they were going to end things off in an underwater hotel with a sea glass dome. They were also going to make it into a musical. “If you’re going to make a sequel, it should be equally as crazy as the first one,” insists Ferrell. “We talked about the idea of a musical, we talked about just going to a different genre altogether.” Luckily, they decided against making it a musical, but there is definitely some music in the movie…Remember “Afternoon Delight” from the first one?

7. Fun Fact: During screenings of the film that actor Seth Rogen attended, his laugh was so loud, hard, and distinct that he ruined the laugh track.

8. The movie is based on the advent of the 24 hours news network, so when Anchorman‘s network GNN first started, they began by plucking old local talent and putting them in the awful time slots. Will Ferrell explains, “They literally just needed warm bodies,” notes Ferrell. “That’s why he and his news team are on at 2 in the morning. Of course they’re horribly upset by that—his ego is bruised.”

SOURCE: Screen Rant | PHOTO CREDIT: Paramount Pictures

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