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The White House has announced that U.S official Janet Napolitano and two LGBT athletes Billie Jean King and Caitlin Cahow will represent the U.S at the Winter Olympics in Soci, Russia. President Barack Obama and Joe Biden won’t take part in the delegation, with Russia’s anti-LGBT laws being the biggest reason[BuzzFeed]

The U.S. is pleading with citizens of South Sudan to leave after over 500 were killed in clashes in Juba between rivals and soldiers. The fighting over goods like oil has also left politicians imprisoned after a failed rebellion in the oil capital that started the gunfire. U.S Secretary of State John Kerry told reporters that each party should refrain from more gunfire so a peaceful democratic solution is met. [Reuters]

Edward Snowden just lost another ally. Brazil has decided not to grant the former CIA officer asylum after he willingly promised to help find out if the government was spying on its citizens. Snowden exposed over 200,000 documents of classified U.S. information to the public earlier this year. He is currently staying in Russia with temporary asylum that expires in August. “Until a country grants permanent political asylum, the U.S. government will continue to interfere with my ability to speak,” Snowden wrote in an open letter to Brazil. [Chicago Tribune] 

A news anchor from Kansas was fired after dropping the ‘F bomb’ live on air. The video went viral over the weekend, with over 1 million views and counting. Justin Kraemer doesn’t seemed to be too upset about losing his job because he already had one waiting for him. It was his last weekend at KSN News and he was more than ready to “get the f**k outta there.”  [Gawker] 


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