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It’s been all about the “Blurred Lines” for Robin Thicke as he has gone from working in the music industry for 20 plus years at his fame, to blowing up on colossal levels with his smash summer hit. But after a bit of twerking with Miley, a few controversial fan pics, and a whirlwind of a season on top, the singer is hitting the studios once again.

L.A Confidential Magazine tapped Robin to cover their Grammy special issue, and the outcome was a photoshoot in the hills, and an interview in which he admits he wasn’t sure if Miley’s infamous VMA act was going to be racy enough.

Check out some photos from the shoot, and a few tidbits from the magazine’s interview with Mr.Thicke himself.

What’s the wildest thing that’s happened?

RT: You think you’ve seen it all, but then you get teenage girls recognizing you and getting screamy. That was rare before. And guys are much more responsive than ever. It had always been women telling me that “The Sweetest Love” was their wedding song. Now men are, like, “Go, bro!” The “Blurred Lines” parodies were pretty entertaining. Someone cut together speeches by Bill Clinton so it looks like he’s singing the song. I’m a big fan of Bill Clinton.

How’s Paula Patton handling this explosion of attention?

RT: Obviously, she’s very excited. She’s supported me from day one. Sometimes she rolls her eyes. Things [I say] get misconstrued in interviews and then debated. So some of it’s pretty weird.

You mean the quotes that made you sound like a womanizer?

RT: Yeah. But I call these good problems because it means you’re being talked about. The rest of it you just try to manage day by day. My number-one priority is being a good person. I try to teach my little kid that every day. But, yeah, I have a big mouth. The only difference is, if I said something stupid at a dinner party before this year, nobody would read my quotes back to me the next day out of context.

What’s your takeaway lesson from Twerkergate?

RT: Listen, we had a great time. It’s entertainment. I was actually afraid Miley’s routine wasn’t going to be racy enough. But people reacted.

Be sure to head over to L.A. Confidential to read Thicke’s full interview with the magazine.

SOURCE: L.A. Confidential