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We bet popular social media star Curtis Lepore isn’t “doing it for the Vine” for his day in court.

The Vine sensation faced a judge this week after allegations emerged that he allegedly raped his sleeping girlfriend, Jessi Smiles. Lepore was arrested in October and released on a $100,000 bail, but the incident flew under the radar for quite some time.

Not anymore.

According to TMZ:

We’re told Jessi flew to see Curtis in L.A. last August but things didn’t go well and they broke up. Jessi stayed in L.A. and a few days later got a concussion while shooting a Vine video.

Sources close to Jessi tell TMZ … Curtis then called her and offered to help her while she was recovering.  The victim claims Curtis came over, Jessi fell asleep and that’s when he allegedly raped her

The day after the incident, Jessi tweeted, “Be careful of who you trust. Always be cautious for your safety. Be strong and don’t let your guard down…”

Curtis’ lawyer tells TMZ, “Things are not always as they appear and there are two sides to every story.”

Yeah but rape…well that’s pretty one-sided, no?

It’s a shame too. The couple, apparently a big deal to internet fans, met via the social media platform and met in person in NYC in front of hundreds of Vine fans (see Vine above).

But it doesn’t look like there will be a happily ever after for the couple…or for Lepore.