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If the all-out, bloody brawl during last week’s taping of Love & Hip-Hop: ATL has you fiending for the new season to start, don’t worry! We’ve got just the thing to hold you over until the new season premieres.

To keep you excited for the newest season and up to date with all the drama from the past, we’ve put together all the fights from the first two seasons, and there have been quite a few.

Take a walk down memory lane with your favorite VH1 cast members and remind yourself exactly why they hate each other, who won that fight, and who just should keep their mouth closed next season.

Editor’s Note: We (of course) do not condone violence of any kind. 

1. Erica Vs. Mama Dee

Erica once again got herself into an altercation with Mama Dee. Erica became fed up with Scrappy’s mom during what was supposed to be a family dinner. When she got too crunk and tried to put her hands on Mama Dee, the whole table ended up in a brawl.

2. K. Michelle Vs. Mimi

K. Michelle is the queen of poppin’ off! K. had no patience for Mimi popping up at her show wanting to talk about Mimi’s new boo Nikko. After Mimi insulted K. by saying she doesn’t have a man, K. hit Mimi with a bouquet of flowers.

3. Karlie Redd Vs. K. Michelle

Now, Karlie Redd should have known K. Michelle was not the one. After a heated altercation and Karlie shakin’ the table, K. Michelle took things into her own hands…literally.

4. Stevie J. Vs. Joseline

Season 2 ended with a head-banging fight between Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Joseline snapped after Stevie proposed to her in front of Mimi and gave her a ring as well. Cue the paws.

5. Stevie J Vs. Lil Scrappy

The battle of the big dawgs happened when Stevie J decided to call Erica out while at an event. When Erica told Scrappy what happened, he and Erica decided to catch up with Stevie while he was at the studio. After Stevie and Joseline came outside and the two couples exchanged words, they decided to get it crackin’.

6. Mama Dee & Lil Scrappy Vs. Erica and Mignon

Tag Team! It was on and poppin’ at Mama Dee’s crib after Erica let Scrappy know she pawned the engagement ring he gave her earlier in the season. Things got really turnt up after Mignon got ready to throw hands with Mama Dee and Scrappy held her back. Erica got involved, Scrappy grabbed her and she tripped. And that’s when all hell broke loose.

7. K. Michelle Vs. Rasheeda

We already know K. Michelle doesn’t hold back. Once K. Michelle dissed Rasheeda by talking about Kirk’s earrings and also throwing a candle at Rasheeda, security had to come in and get the ladies back in order.

8. Erica Vs. Joseline

The same night Stevie and Scrappy put the paws on each other, so did Erica and Joseline. Joseline was throwing accusations at Erica about her allegedly sleeping with Stevie. When these two got close, they couldn’t help but get into it.

9. Stevie J. Vs. Joseline

During a heated therapy session between Joseline, Stevie J., and Mimi, Joseline learns that Stevie is still living with Mimi. Joseline decided to turn up on Stevie then and there on the therapy couch and turn him into her personal punching bag, leaving Mimi to scoot over and watch the action.

10. Joseline Vs. Che Mack

Joseline lost her cool with Stevie’s new artist Che Mack at the strip club when she started disrespecting. So Joseline decided to leave Che with a bruise or two to help remind her to watch her mouth next time she sees the Puerto Rican princess.


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