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The city of Atlanta is about to get a second wind of greatness thanks to Justin Bieber.

The 20-year-old singer is reportedly house hunting in the ATL because he’s ready to start a serious career in hip-hop, and what better place is there but Atlanta?

To help Justin seal the deal on his move, we’ve decided to compile a list of the 21 best reasons why the Biebs should move to Atlanta.

1. Bootyshorts

We can’t think of a single place in the world (without a beach) where the women walk around showing more leg. The Biebs can breathe a sigh of relief that he will see plenty of cheeks in the streets.

2. Krispy Kreme FRESH from the hot light

If you’ve never had a hot Krispy Kreme donut, your life honestly isn’t complete. We can already see Justin and his friends parked outside the donut shop waiting for the hot light impatiently with the munchies.

3. Atlanta has the world’s best hot wings, really doe.

When you’re in Atlanta, you have access to some of the best hot wings you’ll ever have. Don’t take this for granted, trust us. Go ahead and stop in at American Deli and JR Crickets.

4. Magic City Mondays

Magic City is the home of the strip club. Justin will be able to spot any number of his favorite rap friends here on any given Monday night. The party is crazy, and so are the girls. Oh yeah, the hot wings are good here too.

5. Diamonds of Atlanta

DOA is making a name for itself in the land of the strip clubs, so we have to mention it too, but can you blame us? You don’t see this kind of pole work just anywhere.

6. Cheetah Lounge

Just in case Justin feels like some fine dining while he watches some pretty girls twirl on the pole, he needs to stop in at Cheetah. Alluvia is a fine dining restaurant inside the Cheetah with a VIP view of the stage action.

7. Follies

Come on, Justin will need options, right? Plus, he’s got enough money to throw bands on every stripper in the city… twice!

8. He can learn the game from true ATL playas like Stevie J

Bieber won’t have any lady problems once he gets in touch with some of the city’s finest macks. Selena, who?

9. The Clermont Lounge

OK. One more! The Clermont Lounge is home to Atlanta’s most ummmm.. colorful strippers. For a unique experience he and his friends will never forget, Bieber should stop in, but keep your expectations… low.

10. Because Outkast is back together

Who else would be more appropriate to teach Justin, or “Bizzle,” how to rap while he’s trying to pop off a rap career in the A? Take notes, kid.

11. We know the Biebs will love shutting down Phipps AND Lenox Mall

Bieber was spotted leaving Phipps Plaza a few weeks ago, so we know he’s becoming acquainted with the most high-end shopping spot in the city.

13. Hartsfield-Jackson is too busy to care about him smoking weed on his plane.

Atlanta is home to the world’s busiest airport, so we’re sure they have more important things to do than worry whether Justin is behaving on his private flights. Well, at least for his sake, we can only hope.

14. We have Waffle House!

There is nothing more satisfying after a wild night out than some Waffle House. There is also no shortage of entertainment; it’s basically like Walmart at night, you never know what type of person will crawl through.

15. Whootys

White Girls With Booty… ’nuff said.

16. He can get to know the real Radric Davis

Gucci Mane is an Atlanta staple. If these two had a talk, they would find they have more in common than they know.

17. Usher is close by

Usher is Justin Bieber’s mentor, and while he’s trying to make a rap career happen for himself, he will need more than a little supervision.

18. Rick Ross just bought a dope house in Atlanta…

If Justin is ever lacking motivation, he can always go visit the new Maybach Compound and hang out with Ross and his crew.

19. He can be in a Tyler Perry film

Hip-hop might not become a promising career path for Justin, so if ever he gets bored, he should contact Tyler Perry about getting a role in one of his new films. If Tyler Perry cast Kim K., why not the Biebs?

20. We have all four seasons… In no specific order.

Bieber will be able to make the most out of his wardrobe living in Atlanta. Because he will never be able to predict the weather from week to week, he’ll have to have complete access to his outfits.

21. After he’s done everything in the A, Justin can find peace at one of our mega churches.

There’s no doubt Justin will do the absolute most reckless things he can while living in Atlanta. To keep himself on track with the Lord, he should definitely find a church home. Might we suggest New Birth?

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