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Fabolous will tell you, “there’s angles to this shit,” and when it comes down to it, Draya Michele’s got all the right angles down pat.

Between her Instagram posts, photoshoots, and gifs on Tumblr, the Basketball Wives: L.A. reality TV star has an abundance of thirst trap flicks online that keep thirsty men (and women) coming back for more.

Whether or not she does it on purpose – there’s no denying she’s got it. We’ve gathered 21 photos and gifs that prove Draya has the sexiest thirst traps of all time.

She’ll probably read this and be like, “Thirst trap?…”

But judge for yourself. And don’t forget to tune in to BBW: LA tonight at 8pm on VH1.

Damn, girl. All of that?

Are we dreaming?

We see your nipple, Draya…

Boobs, nipple, and underboob will definitely do the trick.

Yeah, we’ve got to be dreaming.

Merry Christmas?

A little Monday morning girl-on-girl action?

We won’t lie – We stared at this skin-tight, booty crease-revealing romper for at least a few minutes.

She walks with a vengeance.

She runs with a vengeance too.

Rocawear knew what they were doing…

If we didn’t know any better, we’d think Draya was commando up under that shirt…

Draya those panties are um… being eaten up by your… um…

The girl’s got curves that we can’t ignore.

Can we take a dip with you, bae?

Draya, you had to know what this would do to us.

We had to run this one back.

Stick that tongue back in!

Draya your butt is um, well, it’s munching on that one piece like there’s no tomorrow.

Draya’s caption for this was “B*tches be like ‘hair in a bun…'” See, she knows a little something about thirst traps and she’s got the best ones.

Bye Draya, we love you!

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, Rocawear, Tumblr

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