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Amber Rose loves her family more than anything, but she definitely loves her fans too!

The 30-year-old model recently traveled to Dallas, Texas, where she hosted a party at Medusa night club and lets just say she showed a lot of love to her adoring “Rosebuds.”

Posing for some pretty adorable photos with three male fans, Amber blew lit social media on fire after she let one fan hold her cakes.

She captioned the photo:

My Rosestud @holyfxckinrose drove 17 hours to come and see his Muva! So I let him touch my butt. Side bar that white guy on the flyer in the background looks like he could be my long lost brother. 😝

Loyalty is definitely rewarded in Muva Rosebud’s world, as another male fan got his thigh rubbed a little for his photo with the new mom.

Hey, you have to give love to get it right? We wonder how Wiz feels about it, though?

Check out the photos of Amber and her fans above. Because, why not?


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