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No matter the unlimited stream of Netflix shows or the new series we obsess and tweet over, there are certain shows that will always render a pause on our journey down the channel listing. Among the list that includes Martin, Sex and the City and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is the innocently complex Boy Meets World.

Earlier this year, Disney announced that a 21-episode order of Girl Meets World was green-lit and production would begin on the spin-off show following Corey and Topanga’s daughter Riley in a NYC school.

Naturally, we got all nostalgic and wanted to re-watch as much Boy Meets World as possible. Watching from an adult vantage point actually provided some new lessons and enlightenment, one of which is the fact that Topanga was one of the raddest family show feminists of all time.

From taking kisses when she wanted them (above), to popping the question when she was ready, check out all the proof below that solidifies Topanga’s place as one of TV’s strongest role models for the new gender norm.

1. She wasn’t afraid to be herself, even if herself was a unique face-paint-wearing girl with rad crimped hair.

2. She wasn’t afraid to stand up for herself against men who tried to marginalize her based on her gender…or she just knew when to keep Cory in line. (We in no way condone the choking of men in real life relationships, btw).

3. She rebuffed gender norms when it came to fashion. If we all wear togas, we can just love each other for who we are inside, right? OK, maybe this was more yogi of her than feminist.

4. She knew when to let distractions take the backseat so she could focus on doing her own thang.

5. Because when you have plans of being the first female president, you have to be about your business.

6. She always knew when to walk away…even if she would come back…on her own terms.

7. She never shied away from expressing exactly how she felt about her standing in Cory’s life.

8. Eff body image norms. This:

9. She knew how to articulate possible hormonal occurrences and just wanting to be alone in a way her boyfriend could comprehend.

10. And of course, she rebuffed the idea of a traditional proposal and asked for what she wanted…Cory’s hand in marriage.

So, Cory, we totally get why you were head over heels ripping shirts for Topanga; she’s pretty damn awesome.