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Justin Bieber is not about this deposition life, not at all.

The “Hold On Tight” singer, who’s recently won his way back into Selena Gomez’s heart, seems to be annoyed as hell during the most recent deposition video that’s surfaced concerning the California lawsuit against his bodyguard who allegedly beat up a photographer.

Throughout his sit-down with the opposing side, the Biebs’ frustration is written all over his face, as he complains that:

“It’s hard to be in this position, man.”

While rocking back and forth in his chair, J.B. answers with “I don’t recall” over and over again and now we may know why, as a source revealed to Page Six that the 20-year-old superstar feels the deposition was a set up.

The source explains:

“The video was leaked so quickly that Justin’s legal team believes it was all a setup. The questions Justin was being asked, including questions about Usher, had nothing to do with the case. He was being harassed with extremely strange questions, and the chosen clips that were released, which show Justin to be frustrated, happened four and a half hours into the deposition. Justin’s team is considering making a request to the judge to order an audit to see if a payment was received by anybody on Binion’s side for the tape, which they believe is serious malpractice.”

Check out the back and forth via the deposition video up above and leave your thoughts below.

SOURCE: Celebuzz | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

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