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A 20-year-old man was caught early Sunday evening trying to keep up with the Kardashian family a little too closely!

According to TMZ, the young man drove from Arizona to Los Angeles around 4 p.m. Sunday with his sights set on Kris Jenner’s Hidden Hills home. He was somehow able to get past security at the front gates and is said to have been peeking through the windows of the home.

TMZ reports that it wasn’t until Kim Kardashian arrived at the house and came face-to-face with him that security was notified of the alleged stalker’s presence. He fled as soon as they were called in. Fortunately L.A. County Sheriff’s deputies were able to catch up with the man before he got too far away.

Authorities found him four blocks from the home where he claimed he was Kendall Jenner’s boyfriend and Justin Bieber’s stepbrother. Police took him into custody and placed him on 5150 psychiatric hold.

TMZ’s law enforcement sources say the guy “reeked of body odor.” Um…gross!

There is still no word on how the creep managed to sneak passed security.