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Lorde: She’s just like us. Granted, we didn’t win two Grammys before graduating high school, but we do have at least one thing in common with the singing sensation–a battle with blemishes.

No one is perfect, not even a superstar like Lorde, and she took to her Twitter to remind us that behind her golden trophies and underneath all that hair is just an average teenager who struggles with acne like the rest of the world.

Lorde uploaded the photos you see above, one that’s been airbrushed to perfection, and the other, unretouched, showing her acne in all its glory, but both are from the same day at Chile’s Lollapalooza festival where she performed over the weekend.

She joins the league of other celebrities who are embracing the skin they’re in and posting their own makeup-free faces on social media.

The next time your flaw-fraught face has you feeling low, take a lesson from Lorde: no amount of pimples are stopping her shine.


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