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And it’s over folks!

Yesterday, former underdogs the UCONN Huskies took the NCAA Championship in a 60-54 victory against the University of Kentucky. While the win in itself was a moment to revel in (or sulk over depending on your allegiance), throughout watching this year’s tournament in general, you probably went through all the feels.

Some people may have felt like this…

While others felt like this…

So let’s take a look back at some of the highlights and the lowest moments from the 2014 NCAA tournament.

1. Anthony White, Jr. of Mercer interview-bombs a-la “Robot Guy” from The Chappelle Show. 

2. The slap heard around the tournament.

3. Kevin Canevari from Mercer hits the “Nae Nae” after their upset win against Duke. 

And Coach K from Duke was not feeling it. 

5. Coach of Iowa State, Fred Hoiberg, aka “The Mayor,” hits an awkward-dad-dance after beating University of North Carolina.

6. Cameron Ridley of Texas’ buzzer-beater shot sunk into the souls of Arizona State. 

7. You can literally feel the pain through the picture after Arizona State’s dramatic loss.

And apparently all the students did too. 

8. When Kentucky took the win in a near-buzzer beater shot against Wisconsin, it was a moment for the books. 

9. George W. Bush and Bill Clinton came through and were seen chilling together at the finals. 

10. Drake made an appearance too, repping Kentucky. Their loss was certainly a loss for Drake, but a win for the internet. 


Poor Drizzy.

11. But UCONN still went in with their celebrations. They really did that thing. 

Yup, that’s a turned-over car.

And that’s a riot. But a happy riot.

Until next year!

PHOTO CREDIT: Twitter, Getty, Giphy