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Drake is such a lovable guy.

We all know the “Draft Day” rapper has a new girl, and she’s not just any girl – she’s Rihanna. When dating a bad chick like RiRi, a man has to look his best at all times, so we kind of get why Drizzy has “lint rollers on deck.” Especially at the televised NBA playoffs.

Drake was sitting courtside at the Toronto Raptors vs. Brooklyn Nets playoffs series last night, when he pulled out a lint roller and began cleaning the dust off his pants. It’s definitely something one would expect Drake to do, which makes it all the more hilarious.

After catching wind of the trending topic, Drizzy embraced it and posted a picture of himself freshening up, with the caption:

“Lint Rollers on deck”

If he’s trying to give Jay Z material for a funny comeback after calling him out during the first game of the series, he’s doing a great job.

Check out the video up top.


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