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Remember back in the day when going to get fast food was a big deal?

Whether it was getting a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, landing on a 2 for 2 dollars deal, or even the disappointment you felt when Burger King changed up the recipe to their fries, fast food has provided us with a lot of memories – both good and bad.

So today, we celebrate all the emotions instilled in us courtesy of Mickey D’s, White Castle, Burger King, Wendy’s and all the other joints we love.

Let’s indulge.

If you’re like us, this is how you felt when your mother said she was taking you to McDonald’s.


Then you pull up to the drive thru like this…


When you get there and you just missed McDonald’s breakfast.


But it’s OK, because McDonald’s has the ‘2 Big Macs for 2 Dollars’ sale going on.


Not only did you catch a sale, but the fries just got out the fryer!


Unfortunately, the golden crispies are too hot.


And you know you gotta super size it, because you’re going to the gym later.


This is how you felt the first time you saw Burger King.


But when Burger King changed their french fries?


When you pull up to the drive thru at Wendy’s and all the lights are on, but the spot is closed.


Even worse, when your favorite sandwich is discontinued or they raise the price of your go-to meal?


When you find out what’s actually inside your fast food.


But you’re too drunk to care – so you eat it anyway.


The moment you find out Krystals and White Castle, or Rally’s and Checkers are pretty much all the same.


After you finally get to eat your food.


PHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr, Giphy

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