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Amber Rose is making sure to expose her precious Baby Bash to all kinds of activities. Yes, he’ll probably end up rapping like his dad, but you never know.

The Bash’s mom has him in a baby gym school, where he gets to engage in everything from swinging on rings, to playing on parallel bars. About a month ago, Amber shared a video of Bash swinging with a little bit of help from his instructor.

But now, the Bash can do it all by himself. Amber shared her son’s progress with an Insta video and accompanying caption:

“Remember that video I posted of Bash’s teacher holding him up while he swung from the rings? We’ll now he can do it all by himself! I highly recommend baby gym classes. The babies have so much fun it also builds their confidence and their lil muscles.”

The aerobics must have worn the boy out, because Amber posted a flick of her 15-month-old son knocked out in his car seat:

All in a day’s worth of play.


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