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A cease-fire between Israel and Hamas ended on Tuesday as Israeli airstrikes came down on Gaza. The Israel Defense Forces said 47 rockets were fired into Israel during the cease-fire period. The end of the cease-fire agreement means there is little hope of seeing an end to the constant exchange of fire that has killed more than 190 Palestinians in Gaza. Read more here…[CNN]

Major League Baseball is to recognize Glenn Burke as first gay pioneer in baseball. Burke walked away from professional baseball in 1980 because he believed it was more important to be himself than to play baseball. Nearly 30 years after his resignation and 20 years after his death Major League Baseball is recognizing him as a trailblazer. Read more here…[NYTimes]

Seattle authorities have cleared an Uber driver of rape charges but are continuing their investigation as a sexual assault case involving the driver. The victim, a Texas woman, hired a driver from Uber to take her to her fiance’s home in Capitol Hill around 2 a.m. The victim claims that the driver took her to a park and raped her. Police say there is no connection between Uber and the sexual assault case. Read more here…[KomoNews]

Yoenis Cespede became the first repeat winner of the All-Star skills contest in 15 years, beating Cincinnati’s Todd Frazier 9-1 in the final round Monday night during the Home Run Derby. Cespedes finished with 28 home runs. That was only four less than he hit last year, when he beat Washington’s Bryce Harper 9-8 in the final round. Cespedes won the Derby for the second year in  row. Read more here…[ESPN]