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Twitter campaigns created to fight the mockery of a Houston teen’s rape are picking up steam and bringing awareness to the rampant rape culture in society.

Hashtags like #StandWithJada and #IAmJada are pushing the original pictures of Jada, a teen whose rape went viral, on the sidelines — Jada, whose last name has not been released, has even reclaimed the hashtag used to mock her (#JadaPose) to shed light on the horrors of sexual assault.

If you recall,  graphic images of the Texas teen passed out after an alleged rape surfaced on the internet last week. Twitter and Vine users were quick to joke about Jada’s assault, posting pictures of themselves mimicking the way Jada was passed out on the floor using the #JadaPose hashtag.

Jada said she has no memory of the night her assault happened. She didn’t realize anything was wrong until friends called her and she saw the evidence of her apparent attack trending on Twitter.

But instead of hiding in shame, Jada has spoken out against rape and a culture that shames rape victims. She told KHOU Houston: 

“There’s no point in hiding. Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am”.

Many twitter & Facebook users have rallied around Jada, posting pictures of solidarity with #JadaCounterPose hashtag. Jada’s supporters are also calling for an arrest in Jada’s assault.

Houston police have started an investigation into the alleged assault.


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