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Lottabody has just revamped their brand with a new line of hair products for natural and relaxed styles, with a new look and feel. The new Style Collection is infused with coconut and shea oils that promote increased moisture and brilliant shine for relaxed and natural hair. I’m so new to using a whole line of hair products, so I was unaware of how quickly I’d actually start to see changes.

After using the new Lottabody line, I received positive results that actually promoted growth and shine to my hair. As I am pioneering my first hair journey, I’m always excited to use new products and see what works best for me.

Because there are so many different hair textures and types, it’s really important to understand which product will work best for yours. I have relaxed hair and a habit of stretching my relaxers for about 3 months, so my hair texture may be a little different from the average relaxed hair.

After a clean wash, I applied the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk ($3.99) to my damp hair to lock in moisture just before air drying it and wrapping it at night. A proper amount, based on the length and thickness of your hair, should work fine.

As long as it isn’t too wet or too dry, your hair should lock in the necessary moisture. After applying that and wrapping my hair, I woke up in the morning to more voluminous hair. It wasn’t dry at all and maintained moisture throughout the day, which is always important. The key to healthy hair is MOISTURE, and Lottabody’s Moisture Me definitely provides that.

When I get tired of having my hair straight, or when it’s about time for me to extend my perm and keep a protective style, I like to put my hair in bantu knots for the resulting curls. This time doing them, I added a little of the Shape Me Custard Gelée ($3.99) and Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion ($2.79) to sustain and maintain for the next few days. Usually without product, my curls last about 2 days.

After using these products, they lasted more than double that, making my hair easier to deal with. My curls stayed tight for a longer time and I didn’t have to worry about constantly redoing the bantu knots. I continued to add the Moisturize Me Curl & Style Milk daily to keep the shine and moisture to my cute and curly locks.

Day 1 & Day 3

When I was in an updo mood, the Control Me Edge Gel ($3.49) was ideal. It gets really annoying when trying to do a perfect bun and there are tons of flyaways everywhere, but this gel really helped to smooth them down.

Just a small amount is perfect, and there will be no damage to your hair; it gives your strands a nice, smooth sheen so it doesn’t look glued on the edges.

Are you in the market for some new hair products? Lottabody is definitely a line you should try. And, bonus: nothing in the Style Collection retails for more than $5. Find out where to purchase the line here.

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