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The death toll from the 6.1 earthquake in Southern China has risen to 589. Over 80,000 homes were destroyed on Sunday, with 2,400 people injured in the small town of Ludian county. Rescue workers have headed to the town to help find remains of missing family members in the debris. With the intense damage, workers are doubtful they will find many survivors. [AP]

Police are scrambling to find information regarding a murder-suicide that left three people dead in Cumberland County, North Carolina. The shooting occurred while a mother was entering her driveway with her 14-year-old son and 15-year-old daughter. The woman and her son were shot before the gunman turned the gun on himself. The petrified 15-year-old ran into her home to tell a family member. Police say the gunman met the woman at church, but are trying to find out more information. [ABC]

Americans have had it with the government. Over 80 percent of Americans have turned their backs on the system, while President Obama’s approval numbers hit a new low at 40 percent. Democratic pollster Peter Hart claims the frustrations come from the many ordeals the country has faced in the past year, including the war in Gaza, immigration reform, abortion, and gun violence. [NBC News

Two Jewish Mohels have been banned from performing circumcisions after several babies contracted herpes. Metzitzah b’peh (MBP), the special rite in the ultra-Orthodox communities, use their mouths to remove babies’ umbilical cords. New York City banned the practice after the death of a baby who contracted herpes in 2012. The act, however, is still legal, with parents having to comply with a written consent form to allow mohels to perform the practice. [Huff Post

Bedbugs have found their way onto New York City’s busiest subways. Three N trains were taken out of service after the discovery of bedbugs. An MTA official says all of the pests have been terminated. Some of the bedbugs were found in the seat cushions of cabs used by the conductors. Let’s hope they caught all of them. [NY Daily Post]